Physiotherapy Solihull

Atlas Physiotherapists use a variety of treatments at the  Clinic to improve your condition.

  • Back Pain Treatment.
  • Post Surgery Exercises
  • Strengthening of Muscles
  • Stretching Exercises.
  • Joint Mobilisation.
  • Rehabilitation Programmes.
  • “Hands on” Treatment.
  • Traditional physiotherapy.

Traditional Physiotherapy Techniques

Traditional techniques for post operative conditions.

These include knee rehabilitation, shoulder surgery, spinal surgery and road traffic accidents. Most patient problems can be diagnosed quickly.

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Back Pain

Effective treatment for Back Pain by our experienced back care specialists who have many years of working with acute back pain sufferers. This includes neck pain and whiplash.

Pain relief is an important part of the therapy and a fast solution to back pain is the focus of the Atlas Team.

Sports Injury Treatment by Experts,

Sports Injury treatment is an important part of the Solihull Atlas Sports Injury Clinic practice and we have first class facilities to treat sports injuries and running injuries.

We are recognised as experienced sports injury specialists for marathon runners.

Top level elite athletes have been treated at the Blossomfield Road clinic. We have a range of services available.

Treatment modalities include Electrotherapy equipment such as Interferential, Ultrasound, Mediwave and Shockwave which are used in many treatments.

Running Injury Clinic The Running Injury Clinic has specialist equipment such as a motorised treadmill at Tamworth where we perform video gait recordings for runners gait analysis.

We also have a 3-D Foot Scanner to accurately measure the contours of your feet when assessing and prescribing prescription orthotics.

Sports Massage

Sports Massage and hands on treatment are an integral part of the Atlas treatment programme. All our physio’s are skilled in soft tissue manipulation and massage.

Deep tissue massage treatment often helps relieve low back pain and upper back and shoulder tightness

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Muscle Stretching.

Stretching is an area which is often overlooked by many practitioners and patients but it is an important part of injury rehabilitation and prevention.

Muscle energy techniques such as PNF, NMT, Inhibition and many others are used to assist lengthening and stretching of muscles.

Trigger Point Therapy Solihull .

Trigger Point Therapy is often used to treat painful trigger points around the body and is a hands on physiotherapy technique.

Trigger points can often be successfully treated with acupuncture and pain relief is often achieved very quickly. This is now a key weapon in a physiotherapists armoury and is no longer looked upon as “alternative” medicine.

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