Neck Pain Treatment Solihull

Neck Pain Treatment in Solihull by Experienced Physiotherapists and Osteopaths.

  • Whiplash Symptoms.
  • Disc Bulges.
  • Trapped Nerves.
  • Degenerative Changes.
  • Torticulis.
  • Muscle Spasms.
  • Stiff Neck.

Treatment of Neck Pain in Solihull

Neck pain is very common, especially in recent times as people overuse mobile phones and laptops.

The constant looking down at devices results in fatigue of neck muscles, sprained ligaments and facet locking of spinal facet joints.

Postural treatment and advice is often required after treatment, resolving the pain and stiffness.

Whiplash Injuries.

Whiplash Injuries following a road traffic accident will result in spinal ligament trauma and inflamation.

Whiplash can take time to heal the sprained neck ligament but treatment will speed up recovery time.

Prolapsed Discs & Trapped Nerves.

Prolapsed discs & trapped nerves are painful and need intervention from an experienced spinal physiotherapist.

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