Muscle Strain Treatment in Solihull

Treatment of muscle strains (minor to severe).
  • Strained Muscles.
  • Torn Muscles.
  • Fatigued Muscles.
  • Work Muscles.
  • Tight Muscles.

Treatment of muscle strains in Solihull

Muscle strains are common during physical exercise such as gardening, gym work, running or sport.

Very often in distance running the muscles can be overused and fatigue leading to vulnerability to injury.

A muscle strain can range from minor to a severe tear and may bleed causing a bruise.

Repair before exercising!

The muscle needs to be treated until repaired before exercises commence.

If not, exercises to strengthen will put stress on an injured muscle and slow down or reinjure the affected muscle.

Ice / Electrotherapy.

Ice to prevent too much bleeding in the early stages followed by a contrast bathing regime will help speed up the healing process.

Electrotherapy however, is the best option for speedy repair to an injured muscle.

Areas Covered

Muscle strain treatment is available at our Solihull Birmingham pain relief clinic is available for patients from Solihull and the surrounding araeas.

These include Solihull, Shirley, Monkspath, Dickens Heath, Olton, Acocks Green, Knowle, Birmingham, Ullenhall, Hall Green


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