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  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Pain Relief
  • Pregnancy Pain
  • Relaxation / Stress Relief
  • Hormonal conditions

Your Specialist Solihull Acupuncturist.

Principal acupuncturist Cherry Richards, successfully treats many pain related conditions at the Solihull Clinic in Blossomfield Rd. It’s a safe and painless treatment option for pregnant women and people who suffer anxiety and depression.

Cherry Richards – 5 Level Specialist

NICE Recognised Treatment

Acupuncture is now a well established treatment for pain relief and relieving inflammation. Many physiotherapists and GP’s now use it and it’s now recommended by NICE, the advisors to the NHS

It can effectively treat conditions that do not respond well to western medicine. Back pain sufferers use it for pain relief including sciatica and trapped nerves.

It’s painless, gentle, has no side effects and is the perfect complementary therapy or alternative therapy that works well alongside physiotherapy.

Back Pain During Pregnancy Back pain during Pregnancy is very common as the weight of the baby is located at the front in later pregnancy. To compensate from being pulled forward the expectant mother has to lean back to counter balance her new posture. This results in compression of the lumbar facet joints in the low back and can give sharp, low back pain. Back Pain responds well to this approach and the great thing is that it is drug free and safe for mother and baby. Often pregnancy can result in sciatic symptoms from a trapped sciatic nerve. Often, it could be that the baby has grown or moved into a position where the nerve is being compressed. Moxa and acupuncture can help move the baby, relieve symptoms and speed up healing.

Fertility Treatment.

It is effective in fertility treatment and works well relieving stress (stress and anxiety can affect fertility).

It is worth discussing infertility issues with our 5 Element female acupuncturist, Cherry Richards.

Mental Illness Treatment.

It works well when dealing with mental Illness as it is both safe, relaxing and supportive.

Stress, anxiety, panic attacks and depression also seem to respond well to treatment.

Headaches and migraines cab also be treated well.

Minimum 3 YearTraining

Degree courses consist of in-depth training over 3 years. Practitioners are highly skilled in point location and needling. It’s is painless and can have amazing effects on patients.

History Records show it was in use in China before the pyramids were built. The foundation of its wisdom was built on the basis of simple natural laws that govern our health and natural well being.

The theory of the treatment lies in the balancing of individuals life force energy or Qi (chee) which flows through a network of channels called meridians that cover the body.

Treatment involves treating the whole person and not just the presenting symptoms. Symptoms and signs are used by the skilled acupuncturist to diagnose and treat the cause of the condition.

Western Vs Chinese Treatments; What are the differences?

Both Western and Chinese acupuncture have similar principles and believe in meridians and specific trigger points.

Point location is an integral part of the acupuncture training. Our approach is the answer if you are in pain, or suffer anxiety, panic attacks or stress. It’s also excellent for providing back pain and backache relief. Tennis elbow, whiplash symptoms and knee pain respond well to acupuncture

Trigger Point Therapy Hands on treatment of trigger point pain is very effective. Pain relief can be both positive and rapid when treating trigger points with needles.

Areas Covered

Acupuncture treatment.

is available at our pain relief clinic as an alternative medicine for patients from Solihull and the surrounding areas. These include Knowle, Birmingham, Hall Green, Shirley, Monkspath, Dickens Heath, Olton and Acocks Green in the West Midlands & Warwickshire. Take a look at our testimonials and reviews here

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