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Sports massage on piriformis muscle

Sports Massage for runners should be an important part of the preparation for long distance running events.
Massage helps to keep you running and eases the stiffness and aches and pains after a long run.

Training for sport, when working out in the gym or any physical activity would benefit from massage.  Recovery after a hard workout or relaxation after a stressful day at work are good enough reasons to treat yourself to a therapeutic massage.  Our Solihull Sports Physiotherapists are well trained in deep soft tissue massage.

Sports massage is not swedish body massage with more pressure applied, neither is it supposed to give the patient pain and agony.  Firm pressure with deep tissue massage should be gradually increased until the patients pain threshold has been reached.  Once the patient shows sign of tensing the target muscle, pressure should be eased off in order to manipulate the relaxed muscle.

Other techniques used may be muscle energy techniques or trigger point therapy for treating painful trigger points in muscles.

High mileage runs take a heavy toll on muscles, tendons and joints and sports massage if administered correctly it will do a great deal towards identifying potential injuries, relaxing tired muscles and removing unwanted lactic acid deposits.

Vasodilation of blood vessels increase blood supply and lymphatic drainage takes away unwanted waste products which are produced when you exercise.
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Sports massage Solihull for deep tissue massage, offering relief from muscular tension in neck, back and shoulders. Birmingham Sports Therapists and Sports Physiotherapists specialise in running injuries
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